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         Easy-care, high-quality, high-value Dwarf Schefflera TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™; the  most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants! These premium gifts are shipped via FedEx to all 50 states with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed! Fuku-Bonsai and the 501(3)(c) Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation have partnered to create a large scale, vertically integrated national True Indoor Bonsai resource to provide educational information via this website and the Journal of Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai, to offer and ship specific described plants and supplies, and provide personalized email assistance to our customers and study group and foundation members.  You're invited to visit and join us! Photo: Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center & Hawaii State Bonsai Repository dwarf schefflera exhibit and educational collection.  

         (Left photo)  David and Myrtle Fukumoto; photo by Jay Boryczko (Farmington Hills, MI) during his recent visit.  (Right photo left to right)  Michael Imaino, David Fukumoto and Edison Yadao with the recently completed fourth major 360° Complex Landscape named "KOOLAU" as the newest addition to the dwarf schefflera exhibit collection.
               ALOHA!  We continue rebuilding the website that was created in-house and went online in 1999.  We converted to navigational tabs at top of the page to make it easier to find what you want.  We'll stay with very readable 12 point font text and a single column format with website URL, navigation, contact information,  and article subject title at the top. This is a True Indoor Bonsai educational and sales website.  I've enjoyed bonsai for over 50 years and honored to live a bonsai lifestyle.
             There's a lot of confusion about "INDOOR BONSAI."  Most are not houseplants.  THAT'S THE REASON MOST BONSAI DIE!  Bonsai do not miraculously become houseplants just because they are called "indoor bonsai."  We specialize in Dwarf Schefflera, the proven, most durable, most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!  To differentiate, we trademarked "True Indoor Bonsai™"!
            We're grateful for the support,  assistance, and courtesies that have made it possible for us to survive after losing over $30 million in 1989 when we sprayed defective Benlate contaminated with weedkillers.  The total net proceeds of both the 1994 Benlate product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud settlements were less than 10% of our losses after taxes and legal fees. But we survived and have made exceptional progress after Fuku-Bonsai and Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation partnered to co-sponsor the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center & Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, publish the monthly email Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai, and began teaching!  WOW! 
             Much of this was made possible by Journal readers showing their support by becoming annual members of the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation at just $12 per year.  Any additional donations are gratefully accepted.  We're committed to building a Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai community and becoming the highest credibility informational resource, the trusted supplier of high-potential prepared plants used in the Journal articles, and to provide personal assistance to those who join our Beginner and Fast-Track Study Groups.   
             Our impressive record ended when computers crashed in mid-November 2014 and we are learning  new upgrades and programs.  An improved website is needed and we seek volunteers who are knowledgeable and interested in becoming long-term members of the Journal editorial team and a Computer Advisory Committee. Volunteer docents and workshop leaders are also needed. The  Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center & Hawaii State Bonsai Repository is steadily becoming a major Big Island visitor attraction with an impressive exhibit collection, large certified bonsai inventory for selection and shipping, and workshops that are the highlights of Hawaiian vacations.
             Besides leading the Foundation,  Michael Imaino is rebuilding center exhibits and about a third have been completed.  Besides being the primary workshop leader, Edison Yadao is building the Big Island Promotional Partnership Program to get the community involved as we move into the next phase of "MAKING THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII AN INTERNATIONAL BONSAI MECCA!"   2015 will be another exciting year and we hope to resume publication soon. 
             We'll assist old and new customers and am committed to continually improve!  A SUPER MAHALO to all who have supported and assisted us over the many years!   ~~~David 

        MICRO-LOBSTERS!    After 25 years,  we have rebuilt our core bonsai business and will soon exit the Micro-Lobster specialty. We held back closing to announce that a new book titled: HAWAIIAN ANCHIALINE POOLS; Windows to a Hidden World! by Mike Yamamoto, Thomas Iwai Jr. and Annette Tagawa is now available. 

           The authors are great individuals and our main resources in our early days. They ended the book with the sincere hope that the book is a beginning toward a better understanding of the beauty and fragile nature of these pools and the unique creatures that live in them. 

            I recommend the book highly!  ~~~David 

            For more information and to order follow this link:    For more information, email Richard Ahn at:      $13.95 + shipping. 


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