Hawaiianite™ is a transformational universal “all-purpose, all-plant fertilizer for everyone” created in 2016.  Its high-phosphorous formulation includes initial faster water-soluble nitrogen and phosphorus with most nutrients in an on-demand citrate-soluble form for effective release. 

            The safe, non-leaching, release will provide an ideal amount of phosphorous over an extended period to create plants with especially healthy root systems that flower profusely; and goes on to mature seeds, nuts, fruits, roots crops, etc.  It will increase production, lower labor and overall costs, with environmental and other benefits.  It’s unique!

            Fuku-Bonsai will lead research, field trials, promotion, publication, and global marketing.  We seek all possible support and participation including investors, researchers, retail, wholesale and distributors.  For more information, please contact David W. Fukumoto, president & founder. 

                 PO Box 6000, Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760;  Phone (808) 982-9880 
                 Email:   •   URL:  

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