In fertilizer introductions of “N-P-K” formulations: “N” is for nitrogen; “P” is for phosphorous, and “K” is for potash. Nitrogen is associated with “green growth” and in pragmatic farming nitrogen often pertains to production of “immature leafy vegetables” while phosphorous is associated with complex maturity!

                  My mentor stressed phosphorus and I have done so for over 50 years. As he explained it, phosphorous is the bottleneck of plant growth. Plants with phosphorous deficiency have poor roots and stunted growth. It is needed continually, but in very small quantities. Strong plants have compact vegetative growth and produce an abundance of flowers that mature into seeds, nuts, fruit, root crops, and even the fiber needed for woody growth. Phosphorous is naturally in a form that plants can’t easily absorb.

                  Rock phosphate exposed to acids unleashes “water-soluble phosphorous” with positive benefits accompanied by negative traits. Our earliest successful trials featured a combination of organic and artificial nutrients. Unexpected heavy rains washed leached nutrients into waterways to cause green algae growth, and fish kills. Environmental uproars create a prejudice against those with lush, green lawns and landscapes.

                  One result is a rarity of high-phosphorous fertilizers that, if controlled, can create increased agricultural production, allow fewer larger applications to save labor and overall costs, and result in environmental and other benefits. The challenge has been addressed in many ways. Nutrients are applied in tiny amounts frequently but at higher labor costs. Polymer coatings slow release but add costs to limit it as solutions for only those with high-value crops. We discovered magnesium ammonium potassium phosphate in 1973 and have studied it since.

                  HAWAIIANITE™ (5-32-6+17Mg+3Ca) was developed in 2016 with the promise and potential to be a transformational universal all-plant, all purpose, fertilizer for everyone! Its high-phosphorous formulation includes initial faster water-soluble nitrogen and phosphorous with most of the nutrients in an on-demand citrate-soluble form for effective release!

                  As we prepare for formal introduction, we seek a full range of partners to complete development in a manner that will produce major economic benefits. We will craft new distribution systems to make it available to everyone. We must subject it to the highest level of scrutiny to assure our claims are valid and consistent with the theoretical promise.

                  For more information, please contact David W. Fukumoto, president & founder, Fuku-Bonsai. PO Box 6000, Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760; Phone (808) 982-9880; Email: david.f@fukubonsai.com; URL: www.fukubonsai.com

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