In 2016 Fuku-Bonsai successfully collaborated to create HAWAIIANITE™, a safe, long-lasting, controlled-release, high-phosphorus universal fertilizer!  IT'S THE ONLY FERTILIZER YOU'LL EVER NEED!

                  Unlike almost all other artificial mineral fertilizers that are water-soluble and instantly release nutrients when in contact with water, Hawaiianite™ is a major innovation that has a combination of water-soluble and citrate-soluble traits! 

                  By limiting the amount of water-soluble nitrogen, Hawaiianite™ will not burn, can be applied in larger amounts and in fewer applications to save labor and overall costs. By keeping most of the phosphorous nutrients in citrate-soluble form, Hawaiianite™ will not leach in heavy rains to pollute water ways, cause green algae bloom, or fish kills.

                  Since 1973 Fuku-Bonsai used the original fertilizer (that first applied for a patent in 1962) and became its most loyal customer. It was used primarily by professionals with high-value crops and available only in some regions and only in 50-pound sacks.

                 That unique fertilizer had a major role in our TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ becoming the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants. We obtained permission to repackage under our “Nutrient Granules™” trade name and included a complimentary packet with each bonsai shipped.



      The "DEVELOPING HAWAIIANITE" glass-case exhibit includes jars of various samples we acquired in our search for a replacement for the original high-phosphorous slow-release fertilizer.  More information about our search is in "DEVELOPING HAWAIIANITE" at:  www.fukubonsai.com/1H2c.html.

       The left pedistal includes the "EXCESIVE USE TRIAL" with experimental penjing posted at:  www.fukubonsai.com/1H3b.html.

      The units are very portable to be taken to Hawaiianite public presentations. 

                  Since U.S. production ended about 1999 we led the search for a replacement.  In 2013 we researched  struvite from cattle wastewater ponds. In 2014 we ran a year-long struvite trial extracted from city sewage treatment plants. In 2015, we evaluated minerals extracted as a sea water reverse osmosis desalination pretreatment. Each has potential but will require years of research and development.

                  Our high-phosphorus fertilizer knowledge is due to bonsai trials and keen, long-term bonsai observation abilities.  We will work with all possible factions of the agricultural and business community to run comparative trials to demonstrate that our Hawaiianite™ is a superior universal fertilizer for everyone!

                 At the start of 2016 we were contacted by a representative of fertilizer manufacturer DHC who could create new formulations with unique traits and make a superior exclusive formulation to my specifications. We exchanged many emails, received samples, and by the end of the year, signed a HAWAIIANITE™ MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT making Fuku-Bonsai the lead researcher to produce trials and reports, publicity, and be the global marketer and distributor.


       HAWAIIANITE™ has ideal traits for bonsai to be able to maintain trees in training at optimum growth to be able to effectively train bonsai using special techniques developed at Fuku-Bonsai.

       This photo shows a dwarf mutation of Dwarf Schefflera just 2.5" tall measured from the top of the pot rim to the top of the tree in a 2.5" diameter custom made pot.  This would be very difficult to create with regular organic or water-soluble fertilizers.

       Special bonsai techniques are featured in the "how-to-use" section posted at:


                  Extensive Fuku-Bonsai trials produced extraordinary results including this impressive mini-bonsai just 2.5” tall measuring from the top of the 2.5” diameter bonsai pot! 

                  Affordable, small factory-packed quantities will make Hawaiianite™ available to everyone. While initial distribution costs are a challenge, Fuku-Bonsai will handle retail and parcel orders and send them by U.S. postal flat rate service to all parts of the country.

                  We invite all possible retailer, wholesale, and distributors, including those who can take possession of container loads at international entry ports. As we improve distribution systems, cost will reduce and we believe that Hawaiianite™ will increasingly be used in residential, agriculture, and commercial.


               For more information, please contact:

                        David W. Fukumoto, president and founder

                        FUKU-BONSAI INC.,  PO Box 6000,    Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760

                        Phone (808) 982-9880      Email:  david.f@fukubonsai.com



                    In 1989, Fuku-Bonsai sprayed defective Benlate that caused over $30 million of damages and forced an epic battle for survival.  The net proceeds of the 1994 product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud settlements after taxes and legal costs was less than 10% of our losses.  But with the support of stockholders, customers, and the community, we survived, reinvented the company with all new products and have earned a solid reputation. Fuku-Bonsai history is at:  www.fukubonsai.com/1a8.html

                   This fundraiser will allow us to complete our recovery and to lead Hawaiianite™ research and making it available to everyone.  While the fund-raiser copies other fund-raisers,  Fuku-Bonsai is 100% responsible and all contact will be directly between Fuku-Bonsai and those who support our Hawaiianite™ efforts. 

                    Hawaiianite™ is a totally new generation of fertilizers and we expect resistance from those who are committed to water-soluble fertilizers.  Although we are small compared to the agricultural giants, our costs are modest, our reputation is solid, and we are fully committed to making this superior universal fertilizer to everyone at the lowest possible costs.  We ask for your support!



                    We seek to build an involved community to aid in making Hawaiianite™ available to everyone, to work with all possible users including individuals, residential, agricultural and commercial users to fully test all aspects to confirm our trial conclusions, including academic research trials and publication.

                    We believe it is the safest universal fertilizer with labor saving and environmental benefits.  Hawaiianite Supporters will receive initial samples as we start production to help evaluate it.  While there could be a range of gifts in appreciation for requested support, the initial gifts will be very modest and the primary benefit is in supporting and making possible an extraordinary fertilizer. 

                   “Hawaiianite Supporters” will be acknowledged in the Hawaiiianite™ section of the Fuku-Bonsai website in their support level and in the order of support. We invite individuals, companies, retailers, researchers, wholesalers, and distributors to participate and to build the volume and improved distribution to reduce the costs for everyone!   



                    SUPPORTER (Minimum $50):    A high minimum is established because we intend to provide a large amount of frequent updated information and extensive prompt, personalize communications.  We will build staff and computer capabilities to handle the projected volume. This is costly. We will gratefully accept support of any amount, but we need to acknowledge major supporters. We will provide monthly updates to all who sign up for the free email FUKU-BONSAI NEWS.

                    PARTICIPANT ($250 AND UP):    Those who are especially interested and believe they can and will play a larger future role should show their support and contact us ASAP.

                    MAJOR SUPPORTERS ($1,000 AND UP):    Those who know there is a good fit and a long-term mutually beneficial relationship should contact us ASAP to help create the ideal win-win-win plans and strategies.

                    SUPPORTER-INVESTORS ($10,000 & UP):  Those individuals or organizations who are able to make major long-term financial investments will be invited to become Fuku-Bonsai stockholders and participate in the future.



                    USERS From casual users with just a few plants to plant specialists and researchers, to nurseries, landscapers, to agricultural or commercial businesses, we need feedback to share the most effective ways to use Hawaiianite™ in all possible applications,  ways to lower costs,  as well as recommendations for continual improvements.

                    CLUBS, RETAILERS, WHOLESALERS, DISTRIBUTORS. Until Hawaiianite™ becomes better known, the challenge is to distribute small quantities as efficiently as possible.  Individuals can combine orders or purchase through clubs or trade organizations.  We can direct supply multi-store retail chains and send a bulk carton directly to each point-of-sale outlet.  As demand grows, we will work with those willing and able to make direct drop-shipment import orders of pallet loads or full containers.





                  Contact David W. Fukumoto, president and founder of Fuku-Bonsai by email to david.f@fukubonsai.com to express an interest in becoming a "HAWAIIANITE SUPPORTER" with the following information:

                    Street Address
                    Mailing Address
                    Email Address


                    Supporter Level
                    Are you a past Fuku-Bonsai customer or recipient?
                    Have you visited Fuku-Bonsai in Kurtistown?
                    Other relationship?

                    Please provide comments, recommendations, or how you want to be involved in this Hawaiianite activity.  Please feel free to ask questions or need more information.  Fuku-Bonsai is known to build long-term mutually beneficial win-win relationships. 


     The information contained in this article is also available in a PDF version or as a printed b&w 2 page tri-fold handout.  Please send an email request to receive the information in such form. 



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