This is a repository section of past blogs sent to Hawaiianite Supporters to update or to keep them informed.  They are presented with the latest on top with older ones below.

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          Jerry is a national bonsai authority, author of Ficus; The Exotic Bonsai, one of our major correspondents, and a Fuku-Bonsai Inc. stockholder. I've know him since 1985 when his group invited me to headline the American Bonsai Society Symposium in Lansing, Michigan and I got to visit his then fledging collection. He's now retired with an incredible plant room that produces extraordinary Ficus bonsai. More information is at www.fukubonsai.com/1a9.html 

          Jerry provided feedback as the "Hawaiianite Supporter" program was developed.  While partially patterned after the Kickstarter fund-raising program, it differs in that Fuku-Bonsai takes full responsibility and there is direct contact between Fuku-Bonsai and the supporter.  The membership funds allow us to send modest trial amounts of Hawaiianite and to serve as a resource in setting up valid comparison trials that can benefit and be duplicated by others.

          Essentially,  it will create a community of those who are willing and able to research to find the optimum ways to use Hawaiianite --- and to share information.  I believe Hawaiianite is a superior universal fertilizer and the supporter program will be a moderated forum to create, develop, and publicize high credibility Hawaiianite information to assist everyone!  ~~~David

#1:  MARCH 22, 2017:  Blog section created but no blog sent out.  ~~~David
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