Why is HAWAIIANITE uniquely ideal and effective as a universal all-purpose fertilizer?
                Hawaiianite is a rare combination of both water-soluble and citrate-soluble nutrients in a controlled ratio.  The water-soluble nitrogen is lower than 1.5% so it will not burn sensitive plants like bonsai, orchids, or cactus.  The water-soluble phosphorus is sufficient for good initial growth, but most of the huge 32% amount of phosphorous is in citrate-soluble on-demand form to release long-term and as needed.  Phosphorous produces strong plants with large roots systems that flower abundantly and go on to mature to produce seeds, nuts, fruits, roots, and even the fiber in trees.  The non-burning and non-leaching traits contribute to labor-saving cost reductions, increased agricultural production with additional environmental benefits.  All of these factors make it a universal fertilizer and the only fertilizer you'll ever need!
What are the criteria that makes an ideal universal fertilizer?
                 An ideal universal fertilizer must be effective even for those with limited fertilizer skills or experience.  It should not burn plants if applied following simple basic directions.  It should not leach in heavy rains to create runoff that pollute waterways, cause green algae bloom, fish kills, and other environmental problems. It should release nutrients slowly at a rate that plants can absorb and continue releasing nutrients over a long period so frequent fertilizing is not necessary.  It should be simple to apply and be able to automatically adjust to light, temperature, and seasonal changes. Hawaiianite's citrate-soluble release is determined by root growth and as the root growth rates change, the nutrient release automatically adjusts. If excess fertilizer is applied, it is kept available for when needed by the plants. This makes Hawaiianite an ideal fertilizer for novices with just a few treasured plants as well as the plant specialist who wants the best fertilizer available. 


Is HAWAIIANITE affordable?  What are the best ways to reduce the costs?
                 Hawaiianite is expensive to make and normally would be more suitable for those who want the best fertilizer available at any cost or for growers of high-value crops.  Hawaiianite will be packaged in smaller affordable quantities and made available at all possible retailers as well as by direct individual mail order.  Besides the cost of manufacturing, the major costs are in packaging and distribution. Initially we will supply even a single small unit to make it available to everyone. Purchasing a single small amount is much more expensive primarily because of the distribution costs. It is possible to reduce costs by purchasing in larger quantities, by pooling orders and making large club or group purchases in quantity.  As wholesalers and distributors put together larger import orders and distribute them effectively, costs will greatly reduce!


How can you tell if a fertilizer is water-soluble? 
                 Almost all current fertilizers are water-soluble that quickly release all nutrients upon contact with water. These must be applied properly is smaller amounts and watered soon after to prevent fertilizer burn.  They generally are effective for a limited time and must be applied more frequently.  There are some pollimer-coated slow-release fertilizers available, but less than 1% of all fertilizers used are of this type.  The easiest way to learn if fertilizers are water-soluble is to read the label.  Place some in a glass of water and stir vigorously, if it quickly dissolves, it is water-soluble and has the potential to burn your plants.  Hawaiianite will not easily dissolve and our original samples still retain their shape and size after many months of frequent and violent shaking.  This is a very easy experiment and if you compare Hawaiianite with any other fertilizer but placing some in water, you'll quickly see the difference!


How do you determine the "release rate"?
                  The actual release is largely determined by the growth rate of the plants and the amount of roots emitting citric acid --- few roots; limited release  --- more roots, larger release  --- lots of roots, maximum release!  But if excess fertilizer is applied, it will be available to the plants in the future!  In addition, the release rate is determined by the size of the fertilizer granule.  Hawaiianite Medium (3mm) will release in 6-months or so.  Hawaiianite Coarse (5mm) will release in a year or so.  We estimate an experimental batch of Hawaiianite Extra Coarse (9mm) will release in 3 to 5 years.  This may be ideal for those installing new landscaping to assure the newly planted trees and shrubs get of to a strong start!  We will initially offer Hawaiianite Coarse in the small 1/2# Introductory Package.  Hawaiianite Medium may be available initially only in 10 kg (22#) Commercial Package if market demand allows.


How is Hawaiianite "cost-effective"?
              Because Hawaiianite is "non-burning", it is possible to make fewer, larger applications and this is labor-saving. Any excess fertilizer will be kept available for the plant when needed as Hawaiianite is also "non-leaching" and will not wash away as polluting fertilizer run-off.  Because it will not leach during a prolonged rainy season,  it will not be necessary to re-fertilize and this will produce a saving.
                  HAWAIIANITE WILL NEVER BE THE CHEAPEST FERTILIZER BUT IT WILL BE THE MOST "COST-EFFECTIVE!" The actual cost of fertilizer is just a small part of the cost of production.  The largest cost is usually labor.  So if you can make just one Hawaiianite ultra-slow release fertilizer application instead of many small water-soluble short-term applications, the overall costs will be much lower! Because Hawaiianite is so easy-to-use, it can be applied by unskilled staff.
                   THE MAJOR SAVINGS ARE DUE TO A COMBINATION OF UNIQUE HAWAIIANITE TRAITS!  The actual cost of fertilizer is just a small part of operating a business such as a golf course or a hotel-resort.  It's necessary that plants, landscaping, and lawns be beautifully maintained, but in doing so, there is a public stigma that fertilizer run-off is polluting our environment. This is becoming a major issue every time there's a news story of polluted waterways, green algae bloom, fish kills, and other environmental damage.  Doesn't it make sense to save on labor, run a more efficient business, and enjoy a reputation as being a eco-friendly business instead of being an environmental polluter?


How can the cost of Hawaiianite be reduced?
                   THE ACTUAL COST OF FERTILIZER IS LARGELY IN DISTRIBUTION AND FUKU-BONSAI IS DEVELOPING THE MOST EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM!   To make Hawaiianite accessible to the widest number of potential users, it is necessary to make it available in large traffic retailers and historically, the largest traffic retailers with the lowest mark-ups are supermarkets. 
                   WE WILL INTRODUCE HAWAIIANITE IN HAWAII WITH A SERIES OF MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION INNOVATIONS WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF MAKING HAWAIIANITE THE LEAST COSTLY IN HAWAII!  Fuku-Bonsai will offer Hawaiianite in small 1/2# Introductory Packages in supermarkets and all possible retailers. A little goes a long way and a small 1/2-pound bag will be enough for most homeowners for a long time.  It is costly to repackage but the small quantity makes if "affordable" and will make Hawaiianite available to everyone. 
                   FOR GARDENERS OR HOBBYISTS WHO NEED LARGER AMOUNTS,  save by purchasing a larger Hawaiianite 1 kg (2.2#) Grower Package or 10 kg (22#) Commerical Packages from a garden shop or agricultural supplier. It is not likely that supermarkets will stock these larger sizes that have a lower cost per pound.  A group of friends can purchase a larger size and split it up so everyone saves.
                   FOR THOSE WHO NEED LARGE QUANTITIES,  we are currently negotiating of the partnership rights to be the exclusive Hawaii State Wholesale Distributor who will import the largest quantities at the lowest cost.  It will include a commitment to a modest mark-up and agricultural distributors will be able to obtain large quantities out of a single large Hawaii inventory instead of each distributor importing their own inventory. 
                   WE ENCOURAGE USERS TO JOIN WITH OTHERS TO PURCHASE AS A GROUP. It is likely that net prices will be based upon quantity purchased.  A orchid club can make a bulk purchase of Introductory or Grower Packages and provide their members at a lower cost than each member purchasing a single small retail amount. Grower organizations should become Hawaiianite Supporters both to coordinate trials to find the best ways to use Hawaiianite, but also to earn quantity discounts by making a bulk purchase. A landscaping company will likely get a quantity discount when purchasing a pallet-load.  But an organization with many landscaping members should request special drop-shipment import order of a full container!



                     Fuku-Bonsai is a dream in progress. We've had a wonderful lifestyle pioneering the certified nursery export industry and True Indoor Bonsai since 1962.  Very few have had the privilege of pursuing their passion, making it their lifework, and seeing it become the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!

                     In 1985 we incorporated to be the catalyst to create an international bonsai center to perpetuate our lifework while benefiting the community and visitor industry. That dream got killed when we sprayed defective Benlate that caused over $30 million in losses and we were forced to endure a 25+ year battle for survival.  We appreciate the support and assistance we received.

                    By a quirk of fate,  we became a part of a unique collaboration that developed Hawaiianite as an all-purpose, all-plant, easy-to-use, extended release, on-demand, high-phosphorous fertilizer for everyone!  We have been entrusted with the ownership of the Hawaiianite formulation, tradename and global marketing rights and committed to making this a win-win situation for our collaborating Korean associates. Now is also Hawaii pay-back time.

                      We pledge to create a Hawaiian fertilizer industry committed to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards.  Hawaii is normally at the end of the supply line with the highest costs.  But we seek partners who are also committed to making Hawaiianite the lowest cost in Hawaii.  We can do this by creating transparency and competitive opportunities for everyone to participate.  We will do our part to lower the cost of agricultural production in Hawaii to benefit the entire community.   We invite you to join us!

                      Once we complete creating the Hawaii distribution and marketing systems, we will face the challenge to effectively work with our Korean associates to create an efficient system to supply the continental United States and international markets.  We will try to incorporate Hawaiian cultural and ethical values with the hopes that our innovations will benefit the world!

                       ~~~David W. Fukumoto, president and founder, Fuku-Bonsai


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