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             In 1973, we began growing our Hawaii State Certified Nursery Program that allowed our bonsai to be hand-carried by Hawaii visitors all parts of the United States. A year later began shipping them through US Air Parcel Post.   Fuku-Bonsai published and mailed an annual hard copy "FUKU-BONSAI REVIEW" that included a catalog of "model item bonsai" and an educational article or two.  The Fuku-Bonsai website began in 1999 and is amongst the oldest, largest, and highest rated for True Indoor BonsaI™ content! Shortly after,  we began publishing "FBnews" online in lieu of hardcopy;  first annually, then semi-annually, then quarterly.  Without the costs of printing and postage we could include a lot more information and the amount of articles steadily increased.

                In January 2013, with the 501(3)(c) Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation as co-sponsor, we began the monthly email "JOURNAL OF TROPICAL AND TRUE INDOOR BONSAI"  with friend and ficus bonsai authority Jerry Meislik in the role of assistant editor and Ryan Chang as an enthusiastic beginner contributing articles.  Others joined us to contribute and each issue grew larger with meatier articles.  It was free and a lot of work,  but it proved popular and provided Fuku-Bonsai with an incentive to keep improving and we did!  The back issues are online with portal page at:  www.fukubonsai.com/MAIN.2.JournalofTropicalandTrueIndoorBonsai.html

               But shortly after issuing the November 2014 issue, just short of two years of publication, our computers crashed and although we were able to keep the website updated, we lacked the technical resources to put together and issue the Journal of Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai. Since that time, we continued making improvements.  As this is being written, we are rebuilding some of our computer capabilities and have plans for emailing service "Constant Contact" to assist us in maintaining and keeping the emailing list current.  Our former journal emailing list required a lot of time to keep current as email addresses changed, new customers and recipients were added, and a few requested removal.

                To avoid sending spam, we start only with customers and recipients since the computers crashed along with older repeat customers.  We do not plan to set up a Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts although others have offered and will do so on our behalf.  We have a Constant Contact "opt-in" form on our homepage and request assistance in promoting opt-in sign-ups by others who are interested in Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai specialty area.  We are not trying to have a huge distribution and do not have the capability to assist everyone.  So we will continue to make one-on-one email responses to past Fuku-Bonsai customers and recipients.  But I need to make clear I do not encourage general bonsai questions.  I strongly believe all professionals should assist their customers and request those who need help to contact the source of their bonsai.


              Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai are the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants!  A large part of that success is due to a little known "magnesium ammonium potassium phoshate" that is a slow-release high-phosphorous fertilizer no longer manufactured in the United States.  It was known primarily to professional and especially orchid growers.  We obtained permission to repackage under our Nutrient Granules tradename and included a complimentary packet with each bonsai we sold.  We were contacted by a leading fertilizer manufacturer who offered to produce a new superior fertilizer to our specifications exclusively for Fuku-Bonsai and in the coming months, small quantities will become available.

                 (NOTE:  There will be additional information about Hawaiianite and the Hawaiianite Supporter fund-raising and research program and Fuku-Bonsai associates will be invited to participate.  More information to be added.)

                A PREVIEW OF THE CONTENT OF FBnews Issue #1:   This is a working portal that allows the subjects of the articles being written to preview, comment, and make any corrections or recommendations.  It also allows anyone to visit and preview that articles being written with the understanding the articles will be in final form when "Notice of monthly email FBnews" is actually sent out by Constant Contact.



FUKU-BONSAI'S MISSION & PHILOSOPHY (Revised July 2017) As we enter a new era, this article summarizes where we've been, where we are now, and where we are going. http://www.fukubonsai.com/1a.html


FUKU-BONSAI PACKING & SHIPPING INFORMATION (Revised 2017) Our latest challenge to pack a large bonsai is shared to show the system we use that has successfully gotten trees safely to all parts of the US via FedEx. http://www.fukubonsai.com/3a1c1.html


FUKU-BONSAI IN THE NATIONAL BONSAI & PENJING COLLECTION (2017 update) In 1990 when the American Pavillion of the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection began, the selection committee requested donation of an exposed root Natal Banyan penjing in a priceless Akiji Kataoka pot.  The tree kept growing, and curators restyled it into a Japanese-type bonsai.  It is now being restored closer to the original form.  http://www.fukubonsai.com/2a1.html


By Ted T. Tsukiyama; Published by Watermark Publishing (May 2017)
          Book review by David Fukumoto, president and founder Fuku-Bonsai.  This is a book about the extraordinary Nisei generation whose World War II heroics proved their American loyalty and who eventually changed Hawaii! http://www.fukubonsai.com/5a21a.html
  THE WAY TO CUSTOM COLLECTION (2017 update) Fuku-Bonsai's Custom Collection includes trees in training for over 40 year and these may be amongst the highest potential of all "Nursery Bonsai" to be sold nationally on the Internet.  This article include the professional principles used at Fuku-Bonsai.

HAWAIIANITE™ (Portal page) http://www.fukubonsai.com/Hawaiianite.html

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ROCK PILE BONSAI III UPDATE (July 2017)  A tree on a growing-on bench got a lot larger, toppled over, and got a new styling.





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