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                There's a lot of confusion about the term:  "INDOOR BONSAI."  Many improperly use this term for any tropical or imported Chinese bonsai but these need high-light greenhouses and are not houseplants!  To differentiate,  Fuku-Bonsai trademarked:  "TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™" for our houseplant bonsai that can grow indoors throughout the year! Combine the interest and beauty of Hawaiian lava rock with a durable pre-trained houseplant, skillfully and efficiently grown by Fuku-Bonsai's hard-working staff in large quantities to the highest standards. The plants are pre-trained BEFORE they are rock planted.   The rock restricts root systems to slow the growth.  Fuku-Bonsai's Dwarf Schefflera Lava Plantings are the most successful easy-care gift items for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!


DWARF SCHEFFLERA  (Schefflera arboricola)

               HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS are grown in four sizes:  small (S),  desk (D), medium (M), and large (L).   Older larger sizes are the best values. Fuku-Bonsai has grown Hawaiian Lava Plantings since 1962.  Give them a lot of light and thin out and remove oldest leaves. You will be able to enjoy the structure and light will reach the inner growth.  If you have questions,  we're just email or call by phone.

             Our basic model is now "HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS (XG) with extra screened lava gravel but no display saucer. We are learning that our screened, porous lava gravel is the ideal size.  The porous material holds just the right amount of moisture in almost all indoor conditions in homes and offices.  It is superior to hard aquarium gravel or larger rounded river rocks that are less effective in holding humidity. This allows you to select your own display container.   In very dry situations with interior heating or air conditioning, an incurved glass container is proving very easy-care as it acts like a semi-terrarium.  Our most popular HS8(M) is available with a melamine display dish for a nice compact ideal gift.             

3 to 5 years old;  rock about 3.5";  5" to 7" tall

    #HS8 (XG) $22.50 + shipping (includes 1 cup gravel) Select and obtain your own display container.  NOTE: When you order four HS8(XG) for total of $90 (Free shipping when any four plants sent to one U.S. address!)   (ADD TO CART)

     #HS8(M) $24.95 + shipping   HS8 with 4.8"x4.8"x1.2" melamine dish with some lava gravel.  This is an ideal gift item with a small footprint.  Our most popular item. Four of any mix earns free shipping!)  (ADD TO CART)

      The pre-trained prepared bonsai stock that goes into the small size is also used as part of the breakthrough Introductory Workshop Package (IWP) that is now the easiest and most successful way to learn (or teach) bonsai. Small size lava plantings have been used as corporate gifts or wedding and restaurant centerpieces.  Quantity discounts are available.  Please email regarding availability or for more information. 


     With a larger rock and an older pre-trained plant, it has a lot more character. Many of our repeat customers consider our Desk and our Medium Size Lava Plantings as the best values and great for nice gifts.

4 to 6 years old; rock about 5"; 6" to 8" tall
    #HD8 (XG) $57.50 + Shipping  (2 cups gravel)   Four of any mix earns free shipping!)  (ADD TO CART)
       Premium prepared bonsai stock that is older and more developed are used to create our desk size lava plantings and also used for our Premium Introductory Workshop Package (PIWP) that will more rapidly develop into a nice high potential medium size potted bonsai.  The premium stock is grown on to be used to train our larger older Premium Potted Bonsai and are made available to the members of our Fast-Track Study Group. Please email for more information if you want to learn to train bonsai.

6 to 10 years in training; rock about 7";  8" to 11" tall

     #HM8 (XG) $115 + shipping (3 cups gravel)   Four of any mix earns free shipping!      (ADD TO CART)

     #HM8 (S&G) $119.95 + shipping  HM8 with 9"diameter saucer and gravel.   NOTE:  We are currently out of sandy tan 9" saucers and will send brown saucers for orders of HM8(S&G) until we run out.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please email or call before ordering.    (ADD TO CART)


8 to 12 years in training; rock about 9"; 11" to 14" tall.
      #HL8 (XG) $230 + shipping  (4 cups gravel)    Four of any mix earns free shipping!  (ADD TO CART) 
     #HL8 (S&G) $239.95 + shipping with 12"diameter saucer and gravel. NOTE:  We are currently out of sandy tan and brown 12" saucers and will send black saucers for orders of HL8(S&G) until we run out. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please email or call before ordering.    (ADD TO CART)
        It is the most durable of all proven houseplants and has the best bonsai traits. Our plants are pre-trained before being planted into the lava rocks which restrict growth.  Care is simple.  Saturate the entire rock planting in water for 30 minutes once per week, drain, and display on DRY gravel.  White root tips tell you all is okay.  Black rotting roots indicate over-watering.   In hard water areas, use distilled water to prevent unsightly white deposits. 
       The photo is of Fukumoto grand daughter Nicole in 1987 when the first Dwarf Schefflera small and desk size lava plantings were introduced.  Fuku-Bonsai had been growing and shipping Dwarf Schefflera but only as medium and large size. Compare the improved quality of the small and desk sizes that we now ship.  We tend to take sales photos when we introduce the item and ship higher quality and guarantee satisfaction and safe arrival.  At times the quality that we ship is far above the photo standard and we often get compliments but never any complaints!  Each bonsai is unique and we will continue to try to ship highest quality products! 

          FERTILIZING:  Fuku-Bonsai now includes a small complimentary packet of Nutrient Granules with each plant.  The major cause of first year plant problems are either over-watering (which rots the roots) or under-watering (which kills plants); or too much of the wrong kind of fertilizer (which burns the roots).  The major cause of second, third, or fourth year problems is usually because the plant was never fertilized.  We incorporate ultra slow-release fertilizer so the plant will grow well for two or more years without fertilizing but eventually it runs out and the plant steadily goes downhill.  We now supply the same specialty professional fertilizer that we use that is not normally available. Fertilizing wih the wrong kind of fertilizer when the plants are in poor condition often causes "over-fertilizing" problems. 

          COLD OR OTHER DAMAGE:  Each January and February we get emails that plants look droopy and suffering. This is very often because the tropical plants were exposed to drafts or temperatures below 50°.  Some office buildings in cold climates may not be heated over the weekend.  If you have problems,  take a photo and send with an email with as much information and as soon as possible. We'll try to help. 


            FLAT RATE FEDEX U.S. SHIPPING & HANDLING:   First plant:  $15;    2 plants: $22 ($11 each);    3 plants:$24 ($8 each);  4 or more plants going to the same address:  FREE SHIPPING!    

              OUR LIMITED 10-DAY WARRANTY:  "Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival of all items shipped directly from the Kurtistown nursery; and if received in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, return within 10 days by prepaid postal air priority mail for refund or replacement.  No other warranty is expressed or implied."

        A unique pelletized ultra slow-release fertilizer that reliably releases a tiny amount of nutrients over a long period of time! Ideal for True Indoor Bonsai, houseplants, cactus and orchids. Repackaged by Fuku-Bonsai with permission to make it available to our customers in small quantities!