Some people think they want to grow traditional outdoor bonsai until they learn of the huge commitment, discipline and meticulous care needed. Most want to grow bonsai indoors and outdoor trees just don't automatically become houseplants because they are bonsai. The solution is logical;  train houseplants as bonsai.

                In 1962 David Fukumoto grew his first houseplant bonsai. He explored and mastered all forms of artistic pot plants and recommends True Indoor Bonsai™.  Fuku-Bonsai's trademarked houseplants are grown in the bonsai manner.

                In 1973 he formed the Fuku-Bonsai certified export nursery, and introduced Hawaiian Lava Plantings, which are proven durable houseplants blended with an aesthetically pleasing lava rock for homes and offices.  It became the most successful gift bonsai simply because it was well-established, pre-acclimated to low light, and a houseplant that could grow indoors.  A few years later, Fuku-Bonsai introduced the potted Living Sculpture line that grew more vigorously because of a larger root system along with "Conversion Kits."

                FUKU-BONSAI'S TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ are the most successful "gift bonsai" for anyone who can grow houseplants. FUKU-BONSAI WORKSHOPS are the easiest and most successful way to learn TRUE INDOOR BONSAI!  Here's why: 

            THE FIRST RULE FOR BONSAI SUCCESS: "Choose plants that will grow well in your environment or change your environment to meet the needs of the plants."

              In 1997, Fuku-Bonsai introduced Dwarf Schefflera with much more "character" in the popular small and desk sizes.   There was a realization that the potential of a finished workshop bonsai was in direct proportion to the amount of character already in the bonsai starter stock.  

            THE SECOND RULE FOR BONSAI SUCCESS: "Choose plants that already have character (to avoid the lengthy difficult task of creating character)."

HS8 #3.jpg (29411 bytes)         The photo shows a HS-8 small size Dwarf Schefflera lava planting that has a rock about 3.5" across with an overall 5" to 7" tall.  This is the key to a successful Fuku-Bonsai Beginner Workshop as a rock-planting immediately has character and interest compared to an untrained young plant. In October 2000, a visitor wanted a small younger plant growing strongly for bonsai training for his son.   A solution was to pot an HS-8 small size Dwarf Schefflera Lava Planting in the media and secure it to the pot until the roots became established. Our customer was delighted! The next several visitors heard the story and they each requested one too. Fuku-Bonsai introduced "KEIKI BONSAI™" and the TRUE INDOOR BONSAI HANDBOOK followed. That's how it all began!

           THE THIRD RULE FOR BONSAI SUCCESS: "For optimum growth, create the best possible growing environment."

                Fuku-Bonsai has already addressed the first two rules for success.  The purpose of the workshop is to allow the workshop to participate in the crucial potting experience and to teach how to create optimum growth!


                This workshop covers the widest range of subject matter and is the most highly recommended.   It was designed so that even a 10-year old child could be successful with a little coaching by an adult.  Most adults should have no problems completing it.
character 1.jpg (22564 bytes) Your results will be in direct relationship to the quality of your starting plant stock material.  If you begin with young plants, at the end of your training session, there will be very little character. It takes Fuku-Bonsai 3 to 5 years of skilled professional training to train a tree (left) to PREMIUM PREPARED BONSAI STOCK (right) that is part of the FUKU-BONSAI PREMIUM KEIKI BONSAI WORKSHOP PACKAGE.
character 2.jpg (39829 bytes) The 2" above the soil and the 1" below the soil level are the most important.  The young untrained tree (left) has nothing to recommend it. It has a thin weak trunk, no branching, and poor rootage.  In contrast, Fuku-Bonsai's Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package features exciting pre-trained plants with ideal shallow root systems.
character 3.jpg (44258 bytes)         A focused professional bonsai specialist like Fuku-Bonsai grows millions of seedlings, culls out inferior plants, and trains efficiently in ideal growing conditions.  ALL Fuku-Bonsai items are produced to extraordinary high-quality standards and are high-value and affordable.   THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

                There are no secrets.  Bonsai workshop success is depends upon the starter stock quality.  Developing "character" and ideal root systems are time-consuming and require the most skill.  We professionally grow huge quantities and offer them at affordable prices. Because our workshop package includes a rock-planted plant with character, the beginner has a lot to work with, can visualize a future design, and can mentally and physically begin training. 

prem keiki wkshop 2.jpg (34648 bytes)         The workshop uses PREMIUM PREPARED BONSAI STOCK shown at front right in a shallow 4" pot.  It includes an attractive Fuku-Bonsai 8"Dx2" round plastic pot, coarse bottom media, body media, fine top dressing, tie-down wire and 16-page 2nd Edition TRUE INDOOR BONSAI HANDBOOK. A completed plant is shown in the top center after potting and training by pruning. 
premium prepared stock detail.jpg (33831 bytes)           A close-up of the PREMIUM PREPARED BONSAI STOCK shows the amount of "character" already trained into the workshop material.  By pre-planting first in a rock and training the roots into only 1" of media in the pot, even those who have never potted a bonsai should be successful!  The plant will quickly become established in the pot and begin vigorous growth ideal for training. There's also a lot of good growth to teach training principles and techniques.

david and prem keiki 2.jpg (39168 bytes)

        Fuku-Bonsai founder and president David W. Fukumoto with the completed Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package.  David has always focused on bonsai education, improving success for beginners, and sharing his knowledge.   NOW, EVERYONE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!
       For more about the tree in the background,

        Five reasons why Fuku-Bonsai workshops are the easiest and most successful way to learn and understand TRUE INDOOR BONSAI:

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