Ron is amongst the most enthusiastic of the Fuku-Bonsai "email corresponding associates!"  He really enjoys his new-found hobby and has visited Fuku-Bonsai and taken workshops here twice as can be seen in his other contributions to this website.  So when we began testing the Introductory Workshop Package (IWP-8) prior to introduction,  we sent to Ron to field-test it.  Here's his report:
     1.    The basic ingredients of the Introductory Bonsai Workshop: three grades of soil, a healthy plant, tie-down wire, an accent rock, and a pot with room for growth.  Instruction sheet is not shown.
      2.   Preparing the first layer of soil for transplanting the dwarf schefflera.  Note the instruction sheet nearby.
      3.  After trimming the roots, the young tree is place into it's new pot.
     4.  After placing the accent rock,  take a moment to read the next step on the instruction sheet.  The small spoon is used to tamp down the soil for a snug contact with the roots.
      5.  After soaking the potted plant for thirty minutes (note moisture under pot) Ron added the top dressing soil.
     6.  Ron proudly displays his first attempt at completing the Introductory Workshop package from Fuku-Bonsai.  He will read the True Indoor Bonsai Workshop Handbook and use that information along with the experience of planting this tree to teach his first bonsai student.
               Ron completed and emailed the above report to me on April 21, 2007 and the FBnews report was delayed to December due to the hectic series of events.  There will be an update report and another article by Ron in the next FBnews.   Stay turned!   MAHALO RON!   ***  Go to Ron's earlier article:  "SUSHI, ETC."

               Kathy Almeida is another strong Fuku-Bonsai correspondent who was asked to field-test the Introductory Workshop Package.  ***  Go to Kathy's Introductory Workshop Package test report

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