Kathy Almeida has really mastered the concepts.  In the beginning when she first sent me a photo, I could not believe the amount of roots being produced by her small size lava planting that she wanted to keep small.  Her first story is posted at www.fukubonsai.com/4c3b.html

               Besides being a good photographer, she's given a large number of suggestions that resulted in a large number of improvements.  She's created a simple and effective "how-to" photo story!


                I received the IWP-8 workshop package on May 31, 2007.  I was excited to see my new little bonsai and anxious to start the workshop sequence.  I read through the workshop pamphlet first, then followed the instructions.  I took my time because I didnít want to make a mistake.  I took pictures at each step through to the finished planting.  I asked two other people to follow the instructions for their planting and asked for feed back, i.e., how to improve the pamphlet, were the instructions clear, etc.  It took about 30 minutes for each person to complete the workshop and said the instructions were very easy to follow. 














Here's what Hank did in about 30 minutes with just the instruction sheet:

1. Here's Hank prepping the bottom media.
2. Trimming the roots below the plastic separator.
3. Securing the plant to the pot.
4.  Tamping down the media.
5. Setting the accent rock.
6. Proud Hank with first bonsai!
Here's Kathy Almeida's second "independent bonsai associate" Kathy G.
1.  We start with Kathy G. already trimming roots!
2. A short while later positioning the tree.
3. Already adding top media and almost finished!
4. DONE! 
           All three had no problems just guided by the instruction sheet!  MAHALO KATHY FOR A GREAT REPORT!  

           I like the idea of everyone's first bonsai being successful and hope this encourages them into a very satisfying lifetime hobby.  Bonsai can be relatively simple to learn and understand if you focus specifically on the single plant in front of you!

           There are thousands of different plants used in bonsai and each plant requires different cultural and training techniques.  So there's a real danger in reading general bonsai books that talk about a whole bunch of different plants as the techniques and cultural information that may be correct for one plant may not be appropriate for another.  So the more you read, the more confusing it becomes!  The Introductory Workshop Package is simple and successful because it supplies all needed components and instructs specifically on that situation!  Makes sense?  Try it!