An innovative vehicle to bonsai success!

               Our first 1962 bonsai greets visitors to the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center in Kurtistown.  We specialize in trees that can grow indoors throughout the year in homes and offices throughout the entire country.  When night temperatures are above 55F,  they can be grown outdoors.  When grown properly,  they create exceptional bonsai and develop faster than any other bonsai!

               Fuku-Bonsai's TRUE INDOOR BONSAI willl grow throughout the country from Alaska to Maine to Florida to California --- and all points in between!  We are a certified nursery and ship via Federal Express 48-hour delivery to all states with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed! In contrast, traditional temperate climate outdoor bonsai are difficult, slow-growing and each region requires different plants and cultural practices. 

        We specialize in Dwarf Schefflera which is the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants.  It is the most durable of all houseplants with ideal traits for bonsai.  They can be trained into more stylings than any other tree and can produce masterpiece quality whether large or small!

        The exceptionally fast development of Dwarf Schefflera make it possible to create masterpiece quality bonsai from nursery plants!  There are very few, if any,  masterpiece quality bonsai that did not begin with ancient collected Nature's Bonsai. 

        The large Entry Tree has been in training since 1973 and sits on a revolving 72" diameter concrete disc.  It has spectacular aerial roots and trained into the most difficult rainforest banyan styling. Forty years is very young for such a large bonsai!  

        This small bonsai is just 5" tall from the top of the 5.5" diameter dish.  Leaves are just 1.5" across and some are less than 1" across. The tree is above a full size Dwarf Schefflera leaf that is 9" across taken from a tree growing in the ground.  THIS TREE RECEIVED SPECIAL ATTENTION BUT IS LESS THAN FIVE YEARS OLD!

       Very few bonsai plants are long-lived and can be trained into masterpiece quality either as small or large bonsai.  Most bonsai that develop quickly also have naturally short life spans and will die early even with the best care.  In all of these considerations, Dwarf Schefflera is the superior plant for most Americans!

         The range of potential training of Dwarf Schefflera is more varied than any other tree trained as bonsai!  Temperate climate outdoor bonsai have trunks, branches and leaves to train.  In addition, Dwarf Schefflera also has the ability to grow with exposed roots that are much more limber and trainable! 

        It is very possible to train soaring, swirling masses of roots and create forms of artistic pot plants that can not be duplicated by any other plant!  The first two photos show a range of styling that we call "SUMO" which include short, stout heavy trunked trees with impressive single of multiple trunks with low branches in more typical banyan shapes. 

       To contrast,  "ROOTS" bonsai can be thinner and taller and elegant  designs.  Roots can be trained to be swirling twisting masses that are impossible to create with any other tree. It is possible to go well beyond the depiction of a tree into the unlimited world of art using plants as a living artistic creation!

       This tree began with unique stock but has developed within the last twenty years which is very rapid by bonsai standards!

         With skill,  it is very possible to create sharp twists and bends on trunks, branches and roots.  This is the newest area of research that we call "HAWAIIAN DRAGONS!" 

        The highest quality bonsai are in pots whose depth is about equal or less than the thickness of the trunk. Most low-quality bonsai are in pots that are much too deep and Fuku-Bonsai's "1:10 Project" is developing techniques so even young plants will grow well in shallow saucer-pots! 

         This tree in our experimental collection is less than 10 years in training!



          1.   Grow Dwarf Schefflera,  the most successful tree for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants.

          2.   Start with as much character as possible.  Your future potential is limited by the quality of your starting materials.  It's wishful thinking to believe you can train a large old high-quality bonsai by beginning with low-quality older plants!

          3.  Training consistently high-quality bonsai is logical and basic common sense.  To train high-quality small bonsai,  train high-quality prepared bonsai stock.  To train high-quality medium bonsai, start with high-quality small bonsai.  To train high-quality large bonsai, start with high-quality medium bonsai.  There are no secrets and no magical short-cuts!  

          4.  Fuku-Bonsai and its partner Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation are committed to customer success and is the first large scale fully vertically integrated organization that can supply all educational information, the specific plants and components,  and provide email personal assistance.  We invite you to join and participate in the True Indoor Bonsai Study Group to learn and to help teach others!



             The INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE is an innovative breakthrough that is the easiest, most economical,  and most successful way to learn or teach bonsai.  It is the long sought "Bonsai Educational Holy Grail" featuring a 2 to 4 year old pre-trained prepared bonsai stock with character within 1" of the soil level and a compact shallow root system within 1/2" pf the soil level!  Nine carefully selected components includes extensive information. Each individually packed and ideal for a single isolated hobbyist or for teaching large groups!  Quantity discounts and teachers' aid available.



   •    IWP-8 single purchase is $24.95 + $12 US FedEx shipping is ideal for isolated individuals who want to try a single unit. Upon receipt and study of contents,  email if there are any questions.  Take photos and notes while assembling the unit to request a critique or assistance. 

    •   3 each IWP-8 to the same address qualifies for free U.S. shipping.  3 X $24.95 = $74.85.  Join the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation $12 per year and become a member of the study group to receive the monthly email Journal of Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai as well as any needed email assistance.  In addition to the original "Sumo" styling,  this workshop package can also be used to create "Roots" and "Root-Over-Rock" stylings.  Please write for more information.

    •  8 each IWP-8 to the same address qualifies for a 25% discount + free U.S. shipping.  8 X $24.95 = $199.60 - 25% = $149.70  ($18.71 each).  Some of our "Fast Track Study Group" start off with several plants and begin training into many different styles.  Sometimes two or more friends split an order or one person takes the lead and teaches a few others. 

     • 16 or more IWP to the same address qualifies for a 50% discount + free shipping.  ($12.50 each)  This special price is available to individuals, instructors, or bonsai clubs and cannot be combined with any other discount.  Subject to prior reservation and availability;  prices subject to change without notice.   



              Those who complete three Introductory Workshop Packages may or may not have enough skills and experience to continue on their own.  But for those who request our assistance,  Fuku-Bonsai has developed two additional workshop packages:

     •    INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP II:    With good growth,  the results of the Introductory Workshop Packages will achieve the standards of our 4LL8 Living Lovable Potted Bonsai in two years or less.  This can be a frustrating time as the heightened interest and desire to work on bonsai is stymied by the lack of plants.  It is counter-productive to "over-work" your bonsai as any amount of trimming will really slow or prevent development.  It's a time to focus on getting the plant to achieve optimum growth!    Intermediate Workshop II normally has one 4LL8 Potted Bonsai (either sumo, roots, or dragon), a True Indoor Bonsai Handbook, and a #8 Conversion Kit.  Information is posted in Giftlist #2 and at      With increasing interest in intermediate workshops we have steadily made improvements.  Please contact us for the latest updated information.  


           If you want to train bonsai, you've got to create optimum growing conditions.  If a plant is healthy and growing vigorously, it will respond in a very predicable manner and will be a joy to train.

                I'm a "bonsai populist" and delighted when our customers report success!  Bonsai can and should be a wonderful beneficial hobby to allow people to connect with natural things to earn the serenity and peace that comes with man and nature being in harmony.  The great bonsai master Saburo Kato simply states that growing bonsai are just like growing children.  I've admired his bonsai creations but have been more impressed by the purity of his thoughts. Please study The Spirit and Philosophy of Bonsai and Saburo Kato and The Challenge of Bonsai


                David W. Fukumoto, founder & president, Fuku-Bonsai Inc.  
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