There's nothing like personalized attention to learn in just a few minutes! Fuku-Bonsai is a working bonsai nursery and visitors enjoy workshops with our staff. We recommend allowing at least 30 minutes to tour the center before the workshop to absorb the information in the educational exhibits. Arrangements for a guided tour are recommended for groups of more than 10 participants. The workshops covers enough points to assure that each critical detail is explained.  Because the scope of the workshop is severely limited to the subject at hand, other unnecessary bonsai information pertaining to other forms of bonsai or outdoor bonsai culture is left out. The result is an enjoyable 15 to 30 minute workshop with a high information retention rate!

                Upon the completion of the workshop,  items can be packed for handcarry or we'll hold to ship to any part of the United States after the visitor's arrival home at our standard shipping rates. Fees are just for the workshop materials (the same as our website prices) with no additional fee for the staff assistance.


                In April 2001, Fuku-Bonsai introduced especially premium prepared bonsai stock for use in individual or large group workshops.  Most of our staff are comfortable giving this workshop to beginners who have never done bonsai. It's simple and successful because a huge amount of pre-workshop preparation has been done.Participants first receive an overall introduction. 

                The PREMIUM KEIKI BONSAI WORKSHOP PACKAGE features a pre-trained lava planting already moving into accelerated growth in a limited amount of media in a 4" nursery pot.  Because the plant has character and is growing vigorously, there are greater educational and training opportunities. Add the components of the #8 Conversion Kit and the KEIKI BONSAI HANDBOOK and there is a justifiable expectation of very high success rates.  After the potting is complete, the class covers pruning, training, and basic care. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes. See Successful Bonsai Training!

fred thompson wkshp.jpg (42029 bytes)
     "Have been in bonsai (outdoors) for 15 years in California. I was very impressed with the application of indoor bonsai and wanted to gain more information with my visit. The concept I found here was very exciting . . . "A Bonsai School."  I have attended many bonsai "clubs" around the world, but nothing like the concept that I experienced here in Hilo, Hawaii. The vision of low cost, basic bonsai theory, and common sense for bonsai beginners is very unique.  I will gladly spread the word on the U.S. Mainland." Fred Thompson (Mill Valley, CA)
Workshop+Christine.jpg (24186 bytes)         We loved the workshop. The instructor was excellent  .  .  .  not just informative but also plenty of fun! Never have we seen a more beautiful and diverse collection of mature bonsai.  Mike & Ariya Martin (Philadelphia, PA)

        Fuku-Bonsai Plant Mama Christine, who usually nurtures our younger plants, served as the instructor. Most of Fuku-Bonsai's staff are happy to share their knowledge including answering any questions.

FBCworkshopDougherty+Alvarados.jpg (31669 bytes)
       "We just stopped in to look around at the plants and get some literature. Two hours later, we are now four excited bonsai gardeners. We learned wonderful secrets and feel as if we are part of the family thanks to David."
        Mike and Susie Alvarado
        Len and Dolores Dougherty
           (Both of Novato, California)

        The Alvarados and Doughertys were guests at Inn at Kulaniapia,  Hilo's secret bed and breakfast. ( www.waterfall.net )  They saw the Sutton's bonsai, came to check out the source, and got hooked! 

             Other comments:

          "William was an excellent source of information plus he made us at ease while allowing us to participate. We grade his class an A+.  Frank Thomas (Dodge City, KS)   Note:  Willie is our customer service representative who is in charge of Big Island deliveries, packing, and involved in prepping plants for shipping.
          "I had fun. Eddie was a real nice person to work with. He made it very interesting."  Shirley Huffman (Plainsville, OH)   "Very interesting, had lot of fun planting my own Bonsai. Will enjoy at home very much." Marilyn Robertson (Austinburg, OH)     Note: Shirley and Marilyn took workshops together with Edison who does a lot of different things at Fuku-Bonsai and who is being groomed to be nursery manager.
          "I really enjoyed the workshop with Eddie. He answered all my questions in a way I can understand. The workshop was really fun too. Eddie helped me plant a beautiful bonsai. He was cheerful & knowledgeable."  Wanda Day (Tucson, AZ)
         "I took the bonsai workshop because I've wanted to grow bonsai for 30+ years but never found the time to read what I needed to do to give me enough confidence to try.  Eddie in 15 minutes with example and encouragement and very clear teaching has given me my first (and I know not last) bonsai plus wonderful memories of Hawaii. My thanks to the center for preserving such beauty and to Eddie for allowing me in a small way to share with such a grand tradition.     Geoff Sottong (Aiken, South Carolina)

                  The plant is of a proven easy-care variety that has been extensively pre-trained so every workshop produces an attractive high-potential bonsai. All materials including a Keiki Bonsai Handbook is provided.  During our early workshops,  we kept asking participants:  "Is it too easy?"   Their unanimous opinion:  "EASY IS GOOD!" In nursery work, each of our staffers can complete the potting of Prepared Keiki Bonsai Stock in just a minute or two. 

                We've designed this workshop so even 10-year old children will be successful with a little coaching from an adult.  We believe that many people can give this entry-level bonsai workshop and invite you to contact us for quantity discounts.  We hope it instills a love of bonsai!

FBworkshopMorgan11&Delaney7.jpg (27255 bytes)

FBworkshopMorgan&Delaney&family.jpg (27324 bytes)

       Every so often we are treated to a truly delightfully pure experience!   Morgan (11) is a "natural" and her mom says she was into the compost pile as soon as she could crawl. Delaney (7) was a little more reserved but it's very obvious that she has a poetic soul just by looking at the plant she selected! 

        Edison and Yolly were both delighted and impressed with the astute questions the girls asked! They also got a lesson in rooting cuttings and have set a goal to root plants, train them, and give their very special gifts to very special people! I think they will succeed!

        Mom Kari Wolf, MD, of Iowa City, Iowa wrote:  "An amazing experience that the kids will remember forever!  We stopped by unscheduled because the volcano was closed and it turned out to be the highlight of our whole Hawaii trip."

        Grandparents Betty Campbell Madden & Lauren Madden of Fountain Hills, Arizona, are justifiably proud of their two grandchildren!  We hope they continue and look forward to following their progress!


                If you make the effort to come to Fuku-Bonsai, it makes a lot of sense to learn as much as you can.  We recommend a workshop converting an 8LS-8 (#8 size potted Dwarf Schefflera living sculpture) with a #17 size Conversion Kit to result in very high-potential larger bonsai.  This is a high-value workshop.  A similar training session by our staff results in the Custom Collection Entry-Level Standard.   See Custom Collection

FBCwkshpLynnMarieLara.jpg (50975 bytes)
     " The Fuku-Bonsai workshop is good, so that when you take a plant home you have a much better chance of having success. It also looks good right away. "
      Ken & Lynn Marie Lara (Waikoloa, Hawaii)
      (Shown with Fuku-Bonsai Senior Plant
        Manager Michael Imaino as trainer)
FBCwkshpDavidOstransky.jpg (51702 bytes)
      " The workshop was informative and simple. The most beautiful things in life are simple. Mr. Fukumoto's lesson simplifies what seems difficult and hard. To understand about bonsai,   some basic rules to hopefully result in a plant similar to those that live on this farm. "
      David Ostransky   (Fort Worth, Texas)

      If you start a workshop with premium plants, you'll have outstanding results and a smile as large as David's!

                In 1962 I got hopelessly and totally infected with "bonsai fever" and it took me to all parts of artistic pot plants.  Since 1973, I've been very fortunate to live and work doing what I love, in a beautiful community, and surrounded by great people.  I get to meet a lot of really nice people from all over the world.  What more can anyone ask?

                I've had my 15 minutes of fame, and now I want EVERYONE to be successful,  enjoy growing bonsai,  and have a joy just like raising children.  After 39 years of intensive research and trials, I'm convinced that our True Indoor Bonsai™ are the most successful gift bonsai for anyone who can grow houseplants and the PREMIUM KEIKI BONSAI WORKSHOP PACKAGE is simple enough for a 10-year old child (with a little coaching from an adult).

                I'm delighted that the Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package has very quickly become a popular item.  The primary component is our HS-8 small size Dwarf Schefflera Lava Planting. This is the key to the success of the workshop and it takes several years to produce.  But we grow them very efficiently and they are an outstanding value when purchased wholesale or with quantity discounts.  Individuals and retailers are growing them out to be Premium Keiki Bonsai Stock, and will be giving Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshops throughout the United States! 

You're cordially invited to join the
revolution to True Indoor Bonsai! 
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