Angela saw our Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package and got excited about creating a 6-week course for her 8th grade art class.  We encouraged her and sent her package. She took and sent back great photos and we'll assist her in developing lesson plans.   For those who want to teach others,  we will one day have a Teacher's Manual to assist you!  Stay tuned!

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Thursday, June 21, 2001

        We sent the plant on Monday and it arrived on schedule on Thursday. From Hawaii, FEDEX takes 2 days to the West Coast and 3 days to the East Coast. Angela Tillman lives in Siler City, North Carolina. FEDEX does a great job and we can track each package with their Powership computer.

Angela2.jpg (23119 bytes)           The plant arrived in perfect condition. Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package includes Prepared Keiki Bonsai Stock, a 8"x2" round plastic bonsai pot, copper colored aluminum tie-down wire, and three grades of coarse (bottom), medium (body mix) and fine (top dressing).   It also includes the 16-page Keiki Bonsai Handbook.
Angela3.jpg (21178 bytes)           With the tie-down wire, coarse (bottom), and a little body media in place,  the Prepared Keiki Bonsai Stock is removed from the nursery pot and any circling roots removed.  It is then tied down so the roots will not shake and break.  The remainder of the media added, firmed down, and top dressing added.

          Fill a dishpan with 2" of water and allow the potted plant to sit in the water for an hour to totally saturate the media.  Repeat weekly.

Angela4.jpg (28729 bytes)          In just a few minutes, Angela completed the potting.  Was it too easy?  Maybe.  Was it worthwhile?   YES!

          The bond between the bonsai and its owner-trainer is similar to the bond between mother and child. A bonsai is "born" when it is potted and we look forward to Angela and her "new child" having many years of joy!

          Angela wrote:  "Here are the photos I took of the bonsai. My mother took the one of me and the FEDEX man. The set-up was quite easy and instructions were clear. Thanks again for all your help!"

          Angela's off to a great start and there is every expectation for success. She takes great photos and I'm looking forward to seeing how her bonsai progresses. If she is successful in getting the project funded, she'll send more photos. But even if her school does not fund the project, I think she could become a great free-lance high-success bonsai teacher-evangelist!

                 Dwarf Schefflera is a proven durable houseplant with a record of success throughout the United States.   The rock-planted Prepared Keiki Bonsai Stock already has a lot of character and interest to inspire and suggest a training design. With the high-success workshop, the plant is now enroute to optimum growth!  Imagine starting a bonsai course with this workshop. Learning anything is easier when you begin with success and enthusiasm.  There will be enough interest to study and master the basic techniques.

                The workshop contains the essence of a mini-bonsai course.  It includes the elements and scope of information needed to create a specific successful bonsai. The workshop package is ideal for those who want only one bonsai. But it could also begin the start of a collection and a satisfying lifetime hobby.

                The Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package is the easiest and most successful way to learn and enjoy True Indoor Bonsai™!  Besides Angela,  several others are already giving classes.  The following section explains why Premium Keiki Bonsai Stock is the secret of Fuku-Bonsai's high-success workshops and how it can be the key to introducing bonsai to groups,  especially 10-year old children! Please write, e-mail, or call for more information.          

                ~~~ David     (July 2001)


                 Angela gave bonsai workshops to her two 8th grade art classes and her introductory report and detailed report is linked below.

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